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Aquifer Test 
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Aquifer Test 
Aquifer Test 
Aquifer Test 

AquiferTest: graphical analysis and reporting of pumping test data and slug test data - solutions by Theis, Neumann, Cooper-Jacob, Moench, Hvorslev, Bouwer-Rice, and more

AquiferTest Overview

The Most Popular Software Package for Pumping Test and Slug Test Analysis and Reporting Is Now Even Better!

AquiferTest Pro v.3.5 is the latest software technology for graphical analysis and reporting of pumping test and slug data. This powerful yet easy-to-use program has everything you need to quickly and easily calculate the hydraulic properties of your aquifer using a comprehensive selection of pumping test and slug test solution methods for:

  • Confined aquifers
  • Unconfined aquifers
  • Leaky aquifers, and
  • Fractured rock aquifers

AquiferTest Pro 3.5 now includes 6 powerful forward/predictive solution methods. Forward solutions, also known as predictive analyses, represent a new methodology for analyzing pumping test data. Instead of matching field data (observed draw-down data) to a given set of curves, forward solutions allow you to calculate water levels/drawdown at any given point, based on estimated transmissivity and storativity. This allows you to:

  • Optimize planning for future pumping well locations
  • Develop more effective pumping rates and durations
  • Understand the effects of well interference
  • Improve the design of pumping tests

AquiferTest Pro 3.5 leverages the latest software development technologies to give you the best available software solution for managing, interpreting and presenting your aquifer testing data.

Aquifer Test


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